Flower Crown
3" Brim
Details: brim stitchings, leather band, metal details and accent and lace.
4" slanted brim
3"Brim - Fedora crown - Royal Blue
Point Crown
4" Brim- Forest Green
Trimmings: Leather band, metal and beaded band, metal brim rings, Brim stitchings and metal details.
Fedora Skull
4" brim - Moroon
Trimmings: Woven Band, brim stitchings, feather and metal details.
Fedora with pop up
3" Brim - Fedora with crown popped up -
Trimmings: woven hat band, brim stitching, metal details, beads, and brim stitchings.
Fedora women's
4" Brim - Black
Details: Beaded band, brim binding and metal details.
Fedora mens
4" brim - Grey charcoal
Trimmings: leather band, leather straps, brim stitchings, brim cut out, feather, listeria card and metal details.
5 inch brim - Silver Mist
Trimmings: leather band, metal details, brim stitchings, crystal and metal details.
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