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I get my inspiration from culture.

From music, food, from everything I remember seeing as a kid and every place I visited with my grandparents. 

I grew up in small town named Turicato Michoacan. Where they have constant dances and marches in the street, always celebrating or praising something. Colors, foods, dances and fireworks. Being from Michoacan has filled me with so much culture and inspiration its hard to keep things simple. The more colorful the better. Everything has a story. 

I make custom order handcrafted hats, every hat is unique. 

Its important to me to get know you and ask you questions. Therefore we can get deep and have a better understanding of who I’m making this hat for and for what reason. Some make a hat in memory of someone, some are just crazy hat people like me and some want to feel the look.

Every hat I make has a story. That story is the one they tell me and I put it all together in form of a hat.

Thank You for reading!